Inglise kokkerspanjelid
English Cocker Spaniels

A pesakond (15.04.2015).

EST AMICUSPoisid: 1 pruun , 2 musta, 1 punane.
Tüdruk: must

English Cocker Spaniels
1 chocolate, 2 black, 1 red boy and 1 black girl
father: Ozzie Black Petrs
ff:Claramand Hight Flier (GB)x fm:Chance on Changes Black Petrs (CZ)
Date of Birth 21.04.2008
HD A; prcd-Pra normal/clear; FN normal
WW-14, VDH CH, Interchampion C.I.E NORD CH (SE CH, NO CH, FI CH)
ESTW-09, EST JW-09, Rostockwinner 2011

mother: Kiran Abhita Modus Vivendi
mf: Merry Coctails Emblem (SE) x mm:Almond Chocolate Termott (CZ)
Date of Birth 11.05.2012
HD B/B 00; prcd-Pra normal/clear; FN normal
EST JCH, LV JCH, EST CH rediness